Dr Matthew M Nour

In my work as a neuroscientist and psychiatrist, I use functional brain imaging and computational modelling to better understand brain function in health and disease.

I studied Medicine, Neuroscience and Philosophy of Science at Oxford University. Subsequently, I have combined postgraduate medical training with clinical neuroscience research, first as an Academic Foundation Doctor (Oxford), and later as an MRC Clinical Research Fellow (MRC London Institute of Medical Sciences) and an NIHR Academic Clinical Fellow in Psychiatry (King’s College London), where I conducted research investigating the role of dopamine in decision-making, memory and the pathophysiology of psychotic disorders.

I am currently a PhD Fellow and psychiatrist-in-training based University College London, studying how the brain forms rich representations (internal models, or ‘cognitive maps’) of the environment, which allow us to infer relationships between events and predict likely future outcomes.

Here you can read about my research and explore my code.

If you want more information, do not hesitate to be in contact.